Check out what you can enjoy at PARADISE CITY

  • Entertainment Bar
    Bar 21

    At BAR 21, you can enjoy dynamic performance and special events with delightful F&B service all year long.

  • Café 9
    Café 9

    CAFÉ 9 is a place where you can take a moment to relax and enjoy an exquisite selection of dishes from around the world including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. The PARADISE CITY Casino Restaurants serve a top quality menu, ranging from familiar everyday dishes to authentic premium dishes made from the freshest ingredients.

  • VIP Rooms
    VIP Rooms

    The exclusive VIP room offers top class service and an unmatched gaming experience. Enjoy the exciting moments at PARADISE CITY CASINO.

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor

    THE EMPEROR is an exclusive VIP casino restaurant offering the highest level of culinary experience.
    THE EMPEROR is a place where you can enjoy elegant modern ambience with oriental style.
    Dishes are prepared with premium quality ingredients
    to satisfy all of your senses.
    Enjoy our imperial dishes prepared by top chefs from Beijing.


    You can use a KIOSK to check your points, print coupons and vouchers, view information about the casino, resort, and events, and use promotional offers.

  • ATM / Money Exchange
    ATM / Money Exchange

    You can buy chips at any open table. If you buy chips with a foreign currency, you will receive the receipt which you have to present when exchanging it back to that currency. There are ATMs at the currency exchange office in the casino.

  • Sky Casino
    Sky Casino

    The exclusive VIP gaming area in P-City offers a breathtaking sunset view of the Yellow Sea, beautiful artwork, and the unmatched experience of playing games with a professional dealer as well as relaxation and culinary delights.