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SPACE Symphony

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Visit SPACE SYMPHONY EXHIBITION where existing space is experienced in person with all senses and blunt senses are sharpened again in today's world where everything is expanded to virtual reality.


  • Hours

    10:00 - 20:00
    (Last entry of the day at 19:30)

  • Venue


  • Rate

    Adults: KRW 7,000
    Minors: KRW 4,000 (Aged 8 to 18)
    * Complimentary admission offered for paid/free membership members (hotel and casino) and hotel accommodation guests
    * Complimentary admission offered for website members joining on the day on site

SPACE SYMPHONY EXHIBITION Intends to offer a scene where existing space is experienced with all senses in use, and blunt senses are sharpened again in today's world where everything is expanded into virtual reality.

Various spaces construed by nine artists, including Ohmaki Shinji, A.A. Murakami, Kado Bunpei, Jeong Jeong-ju, and Seo Min-jeong, are presented together.
Spaces created by artists gathered at one place form a spatial harmony in the same way where simultaneously played notes produce a harmony.
The exhibition aims to discover a new possibility of space that scatters, blends together, flows, expands and breaks a fixed frame and to help awaken new senses. The best way of approaching an exhibition is to feel the artistic spaces presented at the exhibition venue as they are. We hope you can look back on the reality where you stand through this opportunity.


  • Please maintain good manners at the exhibition. -The artworks are meant for looking only. Please refrain from touching artworks. -It is not allowed to bring foods or pets from outside. -Please exercise extra caution if accompanying an infant, toddler, or child.
  • The opening hours and policy may change depending on the situation.
  • Please refer to the notice on the website before visit.
  • Unlimited entry available upon receipt submission during opening hours (10:00-20:00) on the day (Entry closed at 19:30)
  • Inquiries PARADISE ART SPACE | 032-729-5116


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