paradise city

ACTIVITIESCome and experience Paradise City's tour course packed with various tourist attractions and entertainment in mesmerizing Incheon.

Scenic driving routes recommended by Paradise City

Geojampo Wharf - Incheon Airport Observatory - Masian Beach - Seonnyeo Rock - Hanagae Beach - Seaside Park - Sea Side Rail Bike - Yeongjongjin Park

  • 1Geojampo Wharf

    11, Jamjindo-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon

    You can delight in both sunrise and sunset at Geojampo Wharf. From the dock, you can enjoy a stunning view of two uninhabited islands in harmony with the ocean. (Travel time: Approximately 6 minutes)

  • 2Incheon Airport Observatory

    279 (Nambuk-dong), Gonghangseo-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon

    Situated at 51.5 m above sea level, the Incheon Airport Observatory is an ideal place with a panoramic view of the airport. (Travel time: Approximately 8 minutes)

  • 3Masian Beach

    118, Masiran-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon

    Only a 10-minute walk from Yongyu Station, Masian Beach presents a spectacular sunset landscape created by Silmido Island and Muuido Island. The beach is also home to extraordinary geography, revealing its white sand during high tides and vast mudflats during low tides. (Travel time: Approximately 15 minutes)

  • 4Seonnyeo Rock (Eurwang-dong Seonnyeo Rock)

    Eurwang-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon

    Seonnyeo Rock offers a picturesque vista of sharp rocks blending magnificently with the natural beauty of the ocean and the gentle crashing of the waves against the rocks. (Travel time: Approximately 17 minutes)

  • 5Muuido Hanagae Beach Sunhwan Forest Track

    95-4 Muui-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon

    Following the long deck path set on the beach, the Muuido Hanagae Beach Sunhwan Forest Track provides a comfortable spot to enjoy the sea road on Korea’s west coast, where the differences between the tidal ebb and flow are quite dramatic. (Travel time: Approximately 20 minutes)

  • 6Seaside Park

    6, Haneuldalbit-ro 2beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon

    At Seaside Park, you will admire the dazzling sunset of the West Sea and the glorious coastal scenery of Incheon.(Travel time: Approximately 18 minutes)

  • 7Yeongjong Sea Side Rail Bike

    75, Gueup-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon

    While riding on a rail bike in the open coast, you CAN appreciate the gorgeous scenery that stretches from Wolmido Island to Incheon Bridge. (Travel time: Approximately 20 minutes)

  • 8Yeongjongjin Park / Forest Kindergarten

    63, Gueup-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon

    As you walk up the hill along the city wall, you'll be treated by a panoramic view of Yeongjong Bridge, Wolmido Island, Incheon Port, and Muuido Island. You can also have fun at the playground that harmoniously blends with nature and the towering trees. (Travel time: Approximately 20 minutes)

* Photo sources: Incheon Tourism Organization website, Seaside Rail Bike website