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CIMER is a European-inspired art spa putting a new spin on Korea's jjimjilbang culture,
entertaining its guests through weekly pool parties and theme-based facilities.

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CIMER entry is only allowed for guests who are over 10 years old or 1.3m or taller. For children and adolescents between 10 to 19 years old, the entry hours are varied by different zones.

CIMER Introduction

CIMER invites you to a world of art spa offering a truly relaxing experience for your body and mind with a variety of day and night programs.

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Trendy and luxurious, the Aqua Spa Zone is more than a swimming pool. It is a dynamic space where LED media art meets thematic pool parties.


Recuperate in style in the Jjimjil Spa Zone, enjoying Korea's Jjimjil culture along with Hot Shot services, treatment and a variety of other detox programs.


Our luxuriously designed sauna is equipped with shower booths, baths and Bade facilities.


From modern Korean cuisine that has captured the palates of the world to healthy fresh fruit juices, we offer six F&B services to make our customers' experience at Cimer more healthy and enjoyable.


Explore various convenience facilities to make your experience at Cimer more relaxing and pleasant.


Explore 11 facilities that will make your stay at CIMER more convenient.

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Lie down on an indoor/outdoor sunbed and relax over a beautiful view of Cimer and Paradise City.


Luxurious cabana facilities and exclusive services provide
the perfect getaway beyond simple relaxation.


Explore our membership programs offering special privileges to Paradise City guests.

  • An integrated free membership offering special privileges and point benefits.

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  • An integrated paid membership offering premium services and a variety of exclusive benefits.

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  • Invitation-only Chroma membership offering an exclusive benefit and service package.

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  • A casino membership offering an exclusive benefit package for members of K-Style premium foreigners-only casino.

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Cimer closures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Dear Customers, We express our sincerest gratitude to you all for your loyalty and support for Paradise City. We consider your safety above everything else.

Regarding COVID-19, Paradise City is taking strict measures in hygiene and safety in all facilities based on the government’s social distancing scheme.

To participate in the government’s quarantine program as well as reduce and prevent COVID-19, we have decided to temporarily close Cimer as indicated below:

- Duration of closure: Starting from July 1, 2020 (Wed.) - until further notice



We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times. We will always do our best to allow our customers to relax in a safe and comfortable environment.



[COVID-19 Emergency Response Measures at Paradise City]
- Thermal cameras have been installed to monitor paths of customers and employees
- Visitors are required to wear masks when entering the hotel as well as common facilities. Usage is limited for visitors without masks.
- Anyone who has traveled from abroad (persons that must self-isolate for 14 days) will have limited access to our facilities.
- Periodical sterilization and fumigation for all facilities
- Intensive hygiene care for guest rooms via exclusive hygiene care maids