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Paradise Walk

The Paradise Walk is a bridge connecting two main spaces of Paradise City which inspires a differentiated sensual experience. Although it takes only a minute to pass over the Paradise Walk, this bridge offers a wonderful experience awakening both visual and auditory senses while crossing. Created as an Homage to James Turrell’s oeuvre, audience could appreciate the light and music that emanate from the arched ceiling and the pillars lined up along the wall simultaneously. Passing through this otherworldly space, visitors would feel the pleasure of emotional modulation as an unforgettable experience.

[Title of Work] Booyoohada

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[Title of Work] HYPER REALISM

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Proxemics: Drawing Social Bubbles

2021.05.01 ~ 2021.05.31

Discover the new proxemics at Paradise Walk
<Proxemics: Drawing Social Bubbles>

"Can the crowd simultaneously share experience in a public place during this post-pandemic era?
Can artificial intelligence help in realizing this experience? This hands-on content is designed to prove it can happen.” - Artist Yiyun Kang

Nobody can predict what 2021 has in store for us. How are we sharing the space of our lives with others?
Paradise Walk presents Yiyun Kang's interactive media artwork that embodies the amalgam of art and technology.
Through the use of a blank passage, this artwork visualizes and redefines the way we divide space, which has become a dire need for us in this pandemic era. Participate in hands-on activities through artwork that responds to the viewers' movements in a dynamic space. Draw your own pictures as if you are playing games to visualize the relationship between you, us, and space.

Drawing Social Bubble, 2021
Artist │ Yiyun Kang
Co-technical Director | Seonghyeon Kim, Sihyeon Jo


  • Opening Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • All visitors to Paradise City can freely participate in this hands-on activity.
  • Please follow the rules of etiquette while you enjoy the artwork. If you are a guardian accompanyin infants/toddlers or children, please be extra careful.
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