paradise city


ACTIVITIESCome and experience Paradise City's tour course packed with various tourist attractions and entertainment in mesmerizing Incheon.

Sweet and Romantic Urban Course

Art Space (1F) – Sequin Wall at Art Garden (1F) – Cimer – The Passage of Light at Chroma (1F) – La Scala (1F) – Music Fountain (1F) – Lounge Paradise (1F)

  • 1Art Space

    It doesn't make sense not to check out the art gallery when you're visiting art-entertainment resort Paradise City. You can enjoy various special exhibitions in addition to permanent attractions "Nike" from Seung-mo Park and "Gazing Ball" from Jeff Koons.
    We hope you can briefly escape your busy everyday life and reconnect with your artistic self here.

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    Take a photo of your reflection in Gazing Ball
  • 2Sequin Wall at Art Garden

    Come visit "Ripples," a sequin wall at Art Garden, on a windy day. Don't forget to take an amazing photo in front of the shiny sequin wall that moves with the wind!

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    Listen to the sound of the wind with your beloved while sitting at Art Garden(Recommendations: "The Wind Blows" from Sora Lee, "Wind Song" from Sohyang, "The Memory of the Wind" from Ben)
  • 3Cimer

    Classy and relaxing spa "Cimer," whose name is a combination of "ciel," the French word for sky, and "mer," French for sea, is a perfect therapeutic space for lovers.
    Enjoy Cave Spa, a relaxing space inside a quiet cave, Virtual Spa, the boundary between dreams and reality, an outdoor Infinity Pool perfect for photo taking with the sunset in the background, Aqua Spa Zone with a thrilling and steep aqua slide, and Jjimjil Spa Zone equipped with an ice room, an amethyst room, and a salt room to unwind and relax both mentally and physically.

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    Take a flattering photo of your beloved
    (Recommendations: Take a silhouette photo at Virtual Spa or a sunset photo at the Infinity Pool)
  • 4The Passage of Light at Chroma

    Club Chroma, a striking golden building over a green grass field, was designed by internationally renowned architectural design firm "MVRDV."The entrance design reminiscent of a slightly lifted curtain adds a cheerful feel to the venue, which presents a glamorous atmosphere at night. With the Passage of Light, made with a mirror ceiling, a glass floor, and sparkling lights, you will experience a sense of rapture that feels like being in paradise.

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    Capture a fond memory by taking a photo with your friends under the light
  • 5La Scala

    Indulge in a romantic dinner at Italian fine dining restaurant La Scala.With a set menu for couples, which includes "bianca de fungi" pizza, La Scala's signature dish, lobster fettuccine pasta, and steak, alongside sommelier-picked wine paired with the menu, this will be an unforgettably luxurious experience.

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    Does La Scala's signature mushroom pizza have truffle? Guess the answer while enjoying your meal.
  • 6Music Fountain

    The Music Fountain located at the main entrance of the hotel is perfect for romantic marriage proposals. Confess your love to your beloved with a bouquet of flowers while the fountain seemingly dances to music.
    The glamour of Music Fountain is maximized under the night lights. The fountain show under sparkling lights will make you feel like you're in a romantic musical. How about taking in a fountain musical with your loved one after dinner?

    Music Fountain hours (11:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00)
    Confess your love to your beloved when the Music Fountain starts
    Closed Winter Season
    Period: Nov 22, 2021 until further notice.
  • 7Lounge Paradise

    Wrap up your day with a cocktail at our lounge bar, enjoying gentle music after a relaxing walk in the evening. The art collection, including "Variation" from Oh Su-Fan, which shows an elegant Asian touch combined with a dynamic mood, and "Dewdrop" from Kajin Lee, a dewdrop-shaped porcelain work with a unique color, lends a sense of sophistication to the lounge bar.
    Create sweet city memories with your beloved at Lounge Paradise.

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    Take a romantic couple photo in front of the bar