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[Sliced Images] Mercury, DavidPARK ChanGirl

Artwork Details

  • name of artwork[Sliced Images] Mercury, David
  • TypeSculpture and Installation Art
  • LocationVIP GARDEN
  • ArtistPARK ChanGirl
  • SizeDavid : 210x200x970cm, Mercury : 130x116x470cm

About the Artwork

The sliced images in his works demonstrates a reinterpretation of familiar images in an unfamiliar manner. The viewer may feel that a figure in this series is placed in the same position of his or her everyday life, which is the first communication between the viewer and this artwork. The viewer is able to come close to unfamiliar layers that forge a family image through such natural communication without feeling any incongruity. Some space is within such layers that shape a form, which has absorption draw the external into the internal. Spaces formed within his works through sliced images display wavelengths like waves, running into the viewer’s eyes. His works can be constantly metamorphosed depending on the viewer’s eyes and external spaces through such “grains.” The “grains” bring his work into another context by showing familiar images in a freshly unfamiliar fashion. This is like a variable in our common daily lives, appearing as a visual amusement in his work.

About the Artist

Park Chan Girl completed a doctorate course at Sungshin University after graduating Chungnam National University with a bachelor’s degree in sculpture in 1998 and Kyung Hee University with a master’s degree in fine arts in 2003. He has held an array of solo exhibitions at A Gallery and the Doosan Art Center including his first solo exhibition in 2002. He also participated in numerous group exhibitions and art fairs that took place at such galleries and museums as the Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Opera Gallery in Singapore, and the Seoul Art Center Hangaram Art Museum. He has been awarded the special prize at the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, the first prize at the Danwon Art Festival, and the prize at the Invitational Exhibition of Modern Korean Sculpture. His works are included in the collections of many institutions such as the Seoul Museum of Art, the Pohang Museum of Steel Art, and the Lie Sang Bong Design building. He presently lives and works in Daejon while serving as an assistant professor of sculpture at Chungnam National University.

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