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When it rainsSubodh Gupta

  • Ha Ji won


Artwork Details

  • name of artworkWhen it rains
  • TypeSculpture and Installation Art
  • ArtistSubodh Gupta
  • Size762 x 510 x 610 cm

About the Artwork

This work clarifies Subodh Gupta’s solid value by which “what is the most routine is the most sacred.” Stainless steel kitchen utensils that do not absorb water unlike earthenware can be found in every household in India in pursuance of the Hindu proposition that “the unclean is easily contaminated.” Their quotidian and religious symbols signify the present state of India that is particularly marked by rapid economic growth and Westernization, unmasking the influence of values and systems on human life.

About the Artist

Born in Bihar, India, Subodh Gupta studied painting at the College of Art, Patna. He currently lives and works in New Delhi. His works have garnered attention at numerous major international biennales. He has held a number of solo shows in Asia, Europe, and America. He has represented Indian life, culture, and contradictions with dramatic monumental sculptures using images symbolic of Indianness and readymade objects.


Subodh Gupta, an Indian artist, made “When it rains,” which resembles little tools cascading from a large stainless steel basket. Stainless bowls, the little utensils in question, are indeed utilized in India. The majority of kitchenware used in India is stainless steel, as opposed to earthenware, because Hinduists believe that a malevolent item can be easily tainted. The piece illustrates how religion may have an impact on a person's daily life as well as their social system and value system.

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