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ARTWORKS INTRODUCTIONExperience a new level of art at the art-tainment resort PARADISE CITY.

Evolutionary Space VariableLee Yeul

Artwork Details

  • name of artworkEvolutionary Space Variable
  • TypePainting
  • LocationHotel Paradise 9F
  • ArtistLee Yeul
  • Size80X250cm and etc.

About the Artwork

Yeul Lee is known as an expressionistic abstract artist with an improvisatory style and rhythmical touch. Combining the traditional Korean 'penmanship' style with abstract expressionism, he has produced contemporary paintings over the years. He created a series of artworks under the name of 'Saengseonggonggan (creation of space)', a project that he worked on for a number of years. 'Saengseonggonggan' is his formative motif that puts together the great universe, nature with the miniature universe, and humans.

About the Artist

He graduated from Hongik University with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Painting. Since 1979, he has had more than thirty solo exhibitions and has also participated in various group exhibitions. Among the awards he has received are the Grand Prize at the 9th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, the Excellence Award at the 12th Young Painters' Exhibition, the Grand Prize at the 6th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh and the 7th Korea Artist Prize. His works are owned by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Korean Culture & Art Foundation, the Korea Times and Seoul Museum of Art.

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