paradise city

ARTWORKS INTRODUCTIONExperience a new level of art at the art-tainment resort PARADISE CITY.

Inner SightLee Jong-mok

Artwork Details

  • name of artworkInner Sight
  • TypePainting
  • LocationHotel Paradise 10F
  • ArtistLee Jong-mok
  • Size53x73cm & etc.

About the Artwork

Returning to the realm of landscape painting with India ink, Jong Mok Lee has continuously explored natural scenery, personal inner landscapes and how they exist. With light yet energetic strokes, he creates shapes reminiscent of birds or winds and abstract lines and communicates the identity of his India ink painting that he has practiced for years.

About the Artist

He graduated from Seoul National University with a bachelor's degree in Painting and a master's in Oriental Painting. Since his first exhibition in 1983, he has had tens of solo and group exhibitions. He has been working on modernizing and reinterpreting hanji (traditional Korean paper) over the years. With different experiments using media and materials, he has been promoting the expansion of contemporary India ink painting through his work.

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