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UntitledRudolf Stingel

Artwork Details

  • name of artworkUntitled
  • CategoryPainting
  • ArtistRudolf Stingel
  • Size304.8x243.8cm

About the Artwork

Rudolf Stingel’s signature works include installations that encircle an exhibit space and paintings contained on a flat surface. Filling walls and floors with wallpaper and carpet, he takes the motifs of his paintings from such materials. Exploring the nature of expression, he enables viewers to appreciate scenes different from normal landscapes and move beyond the limits of perception so as to pass the bounds of the second dimension.

About the Artist

Rudolf Stingel is an Italian-born artist based in New York City. He took part in the 1999 and 2003 Venice Biennales and Whitney Biennial 2008. His solo exhibitions were held at Palazzo Grassi in Venice; MMK Museum of Modern Art (MMK Museum fur Moderne Kunst); the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the Whitney Museum of American Art; and the New National Gallery (The Neue Nationalgalerie). He has also been subject of numerous group exhibitions.

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