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Evening bells(Feieromd)Georg Baselitz

  • Park Seo Jun


Artwork Details

  • name of artworkEvening bells(Feieromd)
  • TypePainting
  • ArtistGeorg Baselitz
  • Size185.1x300.1㎝

About the Artwork

A German-born painter, printmaker, and sculptor, Georg Baselitz was a precursor of neo-expressionism who spearheaded the heyday of 1980s painting. He used to produce inverted paintings with dynamic brush touches and intense color sensations as a means to express his resistance against mores. His paintings are particularly marked by ugly images that have been beautifully portrayed. He is also well known as a painter of inverted paintings.

About the Artist

Born in Deutschbaselitz, Germany, Georg Baselitz studied art at Hochschule für Bildende und Angewandte Kunst in East Berlin. His works were exhibited at the Sao Paulo Biennale in 1975 and the Venice Biennale in 1980. He also received the World Culture Prize in memory of His Highness Prince Takamatsu in 2004. A large-scale retrospective of his works was shown at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.


German modernist Georg Baselitz is best recognized for his "upside-down portraits." The artwork's depiction of legs and feet, which is a part of a recent series, is typical of the artist's early work and also serves as a symbolic self-portrait. All of the titles of the works in the series are taken directly from song titles. This particular piece is titled "Evening Bells" by Anthon Gunter, a well-known folk song among Germain miners. Learning the story of how it is titled, it seems to me that the legs in the high heels rotate like a turntable. How do you feel?

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