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Variation, TranquilityOh Su-Fan

Artwork Details

  • name of artworkVariation, Tranquility
  • TypePainting
  • ArtistOh Su-Fan
  • SizeVariation 130×160㎝, Tranquility 99.7x160.5㎝

About the Artwork

Oh Su-Fan’s works are marked by unrestricted, dynamic feelings brought up by the stark contrast between the ground of bright colors and the brush lines of deep colors. Oh shows energetic strokes of the brush found in Oriental calligraphy and painting, exquisitely infusing this with the Western conventional medium of oil paint.

About the Artist

Oh Su-Fan studied painting at Seoul National University. He has had solo exhibitions at many spaces including his first solo show at Munhean Gallery and Gana Art Center and the Kim Chong Yung Museum. He took part in a large number of group and international exhibitions at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Korea, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and Haverford Art Museum. Oh was awarded the Kim Swoo-geun Award and the Young Artist’s Award conferred by the Ministry of Culture and Public Information. His works are currently included in the list of collections of many institutions such as the MMCA, Gana Foundation for Arts and Culture, and the National Library of France in Paris. Influenced by his calligrapher father, Sufan Oh states that “line is the most natural way of expressing nature, human and mind.” He is deemed as an artist capable of applying Western painting technique to an Oriental manner in the Korean abstract art scene.

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