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Ecriture No. 110326Park Seo-bo

  • Park Seo Jun


Artwork Details

  • name of artworkEcriture No. 110326
  • TypePainting
  • LocationHotel Paradise Convention Event Meetingroom Corridor
  • ArtistPark Seo-bo
  • Size230x170㎝

About the Artwork

A leading artist of dansaekhwa or Korean monochrome painting, Park Seo-bo soaks sheets of hanji or traditional Korean handmade paper in water for about two months before applying them on a canvas. He then shapes a myriad of grooves on these surfaces with pencils, repeating this several times. He makes viewers perceive such grooves between lines on paint-soaked hanji, thereby absorbing contemporary humans’ “anxiety” like absorbent paper.

About the Artist

Park Seo-bo graduated from Hongik University with a degree in painting and worked for this institution as a professor and the dean of its college of fine arts. He contributed to promoting the status of this fine arts college to a top-tier art educational institution. He also led the popularization of contemporary Korean art while serving as the vice-president and president of the Korean Fine Arts Association in the 1970s. He has been awarded the Order of Culture Merit (Eungwan and Okgwan) and the Order of Civil Merit (Seoknyu Medal).


This is "Ecriture" by Dansaekhwa master Park Seobo. The Korean monochrome painting, also known as "Dansaekhwa," is an abstract painting that uses just one pure color. It is a significant art trend that reflects Korean heritage and aesthetics. Hanji, a traditional Korean paper, is applied to the canvas in layers after being soaked in water for almost two months, and the work is finished by repeatedly scratching it with a dull pencil. Repeated scratching is a pointless activity that is significant in and of itself since it involves self-reflection and the process of emptying oneself. Park Seobo, an artist, expressed his goal for the audience to experience a time of healing through the work that was created in meditative strokes. In recognition of his contribution to Korean art and culture, the artist received the Golden Crown Order of Cultural Merit in 2021.

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