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SerenityLee Kang-so

  • Lee Byung Hun


Artwork Details

  • name of artworkSerenity
  • TypePainting
  • ArtistLee Kang-so
  • Size195x195x6㎝

About the Artwork

In Lee Kang-so’s works, objects are suggested by only their contours. Lee crosses the borders between existence and thought as well as reality and imagination through brushstrokes generated by freedom in brushwork as his hand moves, encouraging the downward flow of pigments. He communicates with those in the world, moving back and forth in a variety of fields such as painting, installation, ceramics, photography, and video.

About the Artist

Lee Kang-so studied painting at Seoul National University. He worked as a professor at Gyeongsang National University and served as a visiting professor and artist for University at Albany, State University of New York. He has participated in the Triangle Workshop as well as international studio artist programs organized by the Institute for Contemporary Art, New York (currently MoMA PS1). He has also won the 3rd Lee In-sung Art Prize.


Lee Kang-So, one of the finest Korean artists, made this pair of works titled “Serenity” with impressively bold and powerful brushstrokes. By employing oil paints, a western art medium, to depict the refinement of Korean painting's brushstrokes, the artwork successfully combines the beauty of the East and the West. This pair of works, which are facing one another, was specially made by the artist inspired by the space of Paradise City. The artist wishes that "clear and cloudless spirit" can be conveyed to people who appreciate the work. Do you feel the clear and positive energy? The artist's pieces are also displayed in each room at the Paradise City Hotel.

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