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Prisms and Mirrors, high reliefs, situated works 2016/2017 for São PauloDaniel Buren

Artwork Details

  • name of artworkPrisms and Mirrors, high reliefs, situated works 2016/2017 for São Paulo
  • TypeSculpture and Installation Art
  • LocationCIMER
  • ArtistDaniel Buren
  • Size120 x 240

About the Artwork

Daniel Buren has produced a space where his key visual language, an 8.7 cm vertical stripe and a mirror that reflects it, are set in an artwork. His art has consistently posed questions concerning an artwork’s site-specificity and the correlation between spaces and artworks. Neutral and devoid of meaning in itself, the stripe is primarily used for his visual expression. Such vertical stripes forge a work of art in which their mere presence can be seen as art and nothing else can be said without them.

About the Artist

Daniel Buren is a top-notch artist who is widely known for his site-specific art, 8.7 cm vertical stripes, and other elements. After founding a Paris-based late modern art group called BMPT in 1967 with Olivier Mosset, Michel Parmentier, and Niele Toroni, he began gaining popularity when he posed questions concerning established institutions and attacked them. At this period of his life he gained the motif of a 8.7 cm wide vertical stripe and started to research it. He installed it at various sites as a sign of a temporal association. In doing so, he brings about a visual shift in which he can pursue art practices outside the established facilities of the art museum. The place where it is strategically installed becomes a work of art in itself for the time being through its reinterpretation and re-establishment. His artistic caliber has been acknowledged: he has been invited to the Venice Biennale more than ten times where he was awarded the Golden Lion Award in 1986 for his exhibition at the French pavilion. His latest exhibitions include Monumenta at Grand Palais, Paris where he exhibited his site-specific works.

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