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ARTWORKS INTRODUCTIONExperience a new level of art at the art-tainment resort PARADISE CITY.


Artwork Details

  • name of artworkTogether
  • CategorySculpture and Installation Art
  • LocationPlaza Square
  • ArtistKAWS
  • Size600x452x337

About the Artwork

KAWS’ work Together features two Companion figures hugging each other. Together has been exhibited as a series of large-scale sculptures at Art Basel in 2016. Measuring six meters high, this colossal wooden sculpture brings a pleasurable reversal to viewers with its gargantuan scale in sync with its intimate appearance. This series has been loved by people throughout the world and proved its popularity when linking miniatures produced for individual collection sold out.

About the Artist

KAWS, also known by his real name Brian Donnelly is an American artist and designer. His works are mostly characterized by his own distinctive signature “xx” through an objectification of his own character or renowned characters. Some of his characters are his own creation whilst others are reworked versions of existing icons. He began as a graffiti artist but presently makes paintings on canvas, screen prints, and sculpture. He also collaborates with major brands in producing limited edition toys, clothing and other products, showing his active movements both in commercial and non-commercial fields. His sculpture ranges in size from small pieces to large ones measuring ten meters tall, and are made from diverse materials including aluminum, wood and bronze.

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