paradise city

ARTWORKS INTRODUCTIONExperience a new level of art at the art-tainment resort PARADISE CITY.

ONEMyeongbeom Kim

Artwork Details

  • name of artworkONE
  • TypeSculpture and Installation Art
  • LocationPlaza Square
  • ArtistMyeongbeom Kim
  • Size11700x4500x4500 /1600x4000x4000

About the Artwork

Myeongbeom Kim’s deer positioned on an obelisk soaring high at the center of a plaza and trees growing from its antlers breathe new life from nature into this artificial space. Kim intends to bring ecstatic, unique artistry to all visitors by presenting a fantastic scene in the plaza where those visitors can easily associate the deer’s antlers with a tree based on their morphological similarity.

About the Artist

Myeongbeom Kim’s work is based on the concept that “Everything we come across has its own indigenous soul.” Objects in his works are placed on the continuous line of time. Kim presents a visualization of the link between metaphorical connotations by combining diverse objects in a subtle manner. By doing this, the artist gives new imagination to viewers and encourages them ponder themselves, their everyday life and environment in the cycles of each life.

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