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NikeSeung-mo Park

Artwork Details

  • name of artworkNike
  • TypeSculpture and Installation Art
  • LocationArt Space
  • ArtistSeung-mo Park
  • Size215x70x67

About the Artwork

This work is Seung-mo Park’s reinterpretation of Nike, the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, in his own distinctive manner. This work seems to tightly tie up Nike with aluminum wire. But there is no Nike we have known in it. This is a figuration of the real but it is insubstantial. This piece discloses internally inexistent being in a performative technique while its outer appearance arouses some aura familiar to us.

About the Artist

Seung-mo Park is a representative Korean artist in metal modeling who presents a projection of things, expressing scenes or images with thin wire mesh or winding up aluminum wire, reinterpreting objects in his own new style. He has contemplated the modeling quality of a beautiful appearance and the irony of existence without substance through his meticulously persistent performative actions, moving beyond the boundaries between life and death and dream and reality in variations of the material properties of steel.

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