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Artwork Details

  • name of artworkHITCHCOCKED
  • CategoryOthers
  • LocationHotel Art Paradiso
  • ArtistPAIK, NAM JUNE
  • Size56(w)x134(d)x186(h)cm

About the Artwork

Media art pioneer Nam June Paik created this work to depict his inspiration from movie 'The Birds' directed by American film director Alfred Hitchcock (1899 ~ 1980). Stuffed birds are sitting on a TV box that contains five small picture tubes showing jumbled movie sequences and a doll modelled after Hitchcock is trapped inside a birdcage. Dramatically revealing the fear and anxiety of people caused by the tension between nature and the modern civilization with his signature sense of wit, this artwork offers a glimpse of the artist's experimental approach and creativity involving various technologies.

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