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Numbers, One Through ZeroRobert Indiana

  • Park Seo Jun


Artwork Details

  • name of artworkNumbers, One Through Zero
  • TypeSculpture and Installation Art
  • ArtistRobert Indiana
  • Size86 x 84 x 43 X 10(pieces)

About the Artwork

'NUMBERS ONE through ZERO' is a sculptural work with meaning to each number. Numbers are Robert Indiana’s representing subject, having grown affection towards numbers as he moved many times in his youth. He built meanings around these numbers and found interest in the relationships that were created. Here, Indiana is inspired by the Arabic numbers of an old calendar, reinterprets them into a dimensional sculpture with thick and strong look and adds bold colors. Subject number series carries every number, representing birth at 1 to extinction at 0, allowing the audience to look back at one’s life and have a meaningful time.

About the Artist

U.S. born pop artist Robert Indiana focuses on simple symbols and design’s functionality and uses easy words as subjects to send succinct and powerful messages. Through bold designs and colors, he has created sculptural works like ‘Love,’ ‘HOPE,’ and ‘Numbers.’ These ordinary symbols and designs allowed everyone to understand his works easily and gained wide popularity from the public. To this day, his works present various messages that everyone can relate to and continue Indiana’s desire to “spread the love in this world through his[my] works.” Passed away in 2018, Indiana has left monumental influence to the advancement of pop art and to other contemporary artists who use characters and symbols. He is recognized as an artist who narrowed the distance between life and art, contributing life to be more artistic.


Robert Indiana, a prominent American pop artist, created the piece titled "Numbers one through zero," which features a row of colorful numbers. Due to his early life, which had him change abode many times, the artist has established a special bond with numbers. He produced works of art that convey a variety of ideas not just with numbers but also through simple letters like "LOVE" and "HOPE." His number sequence, in particular, represents the course of our lives, with the number 1 signifying birth and the number 0 signifying death. Why don't we pause for a moment and reflect on what the current colors of our lives are?

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