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  • Park Seo Jun


Artwork Details

  • name of artworkC-CURVE
  • TypeSculpture and Installation Art
  • LocationArt Garden
  • Size220×770×300 cm

About the Artwork

This work expresses the splendid and elegant Palace of Versailles in an extraordinary way, which, as the title implies, does not rely on the artist's experience or on existing semantic narratives and represents the neutral and un-narrative characteristics. This work, placed in a meditative and reflective garden space, allows visitors to observe various images including themselves projected in it and reflect on themselves.

About the Artist

Anish Kapoor, born in Mumbai, is one of the best artists to express the so-called "Modern Sublime". He made his name known with his work "Pigment" in 1980s, a series of bright single-color works made of marble and limewash, and began to work on the surface of highly reflective stainless steel in the late 90s. The artist's work, which reflects the images of the surrounding area dramatically like a mirror, changes by the flow of light reflected on the surface and the movement of the visitor. The space in the mirror, which is seemingly an empty space and an empty container, becomes all the different spaces it could be through reflection, but due to the physical property of the stainless steel surface, it cannot be anything that could be called a space. The artist captures this point as a point of contact between material and nonmaterial and creates an unrealistic and spiritual dimension through physical properties.


Anish Kapoor, an Indian artist, titled this piece "C Curve." This piece, which reflects the audience and the surrounding landscapes upside down on its mirror-like surface, earned fame by being displayed in the Versailles Palace in France. The piece is situated in the middle of the garden, where visitors can meander leisurely, and it is constantly changing in line with the flow of light reflected upon the surface and the movement of the audience. Visitors get the chance to reflect on themselves by viewing their own images as well as varied scenes, which include shifting lighting according to the times and trees swaying in the wind mirrored on the art. Why don't we take a moment to reflect on who we are and enjoy some quiet time alone with the work?

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