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ARTWORKS INTRODUCTIONExperience a new level of art at the art-tainment resort PARADISE CITY.

SOUTHSIDE-Marilyn Monroe, SKYFALL-The Kennedys, PRINTEMPS_AudreyHepburn, 1962-The KennedysAxel Crieger

Artwork Details

  • name of artworkSOUTHSIDE-Marilyn Monroe, SKYFALL-The Kennedys, PRINTEMPS_AudreyHepburn, 1962-The Kennedys
  • TypeETC.
  • LocationClub Lounge
  • ArtistAxel Crieger
  • Size120 x 160, 140 x 180, 120 x 160, 130 x 180 cm

About the Artwork

Axel Crieger presents Hollywood actors and actresses in cinematic scenes. The relations between the figure and the background particularly stand out in his works. He has delicately and ingeniously morphed his backgrounds to maximize each figure’s individuality and aura. His photographic images arouse a classical, refined atmosphere using colors intrinsic to the artist.

About the Artist

German-born artist Axel Crieger takes note of photographic expandability in its expression. His photographic images merged with liberal quotations, design and drawing elements, and special effects are reborn into images that are completely different from those of preexisting photographs, departing from their conceptual hallmarks. With this he presents more active, multilateral approaches in a way of appreciating photographic pieces.

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