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DININGIndulge in Art Paradiso's dining experience at SERASÉ setting
a new trend in Korean cuisine and an Amsterdam-style bar.


Korean restaurant setting a new trend
in modern Korean cuisine by pushing
beyond the boundaries of traditional Korean dining

Serasé is a trendy Korean restaurant presenting creative menus that go beyond the traditional boundaries of Korean cuisine.
The restaurant serves low-calorie and healthy dishes to its guests with the natural taste and nutrients of the ingredients.


Operating hours
Sat~Sun 07:00~10:30
*From Monday to Friday, breakfast is served at On The Plate.
* Lunch Course
* Afternoon Tea
Number of seats
64 seats
Contact Number
※ Prevention measures against COVID-19 of Paradise City and operating hours of different facilities
- Date: Until further notice
- About : Temporary suspension

* The schedule provided is subject to change or extend depending on the internal and external affairs.


  • Breakfast is provided only by trays, and lunch & dinner are only available as course menus. (Please contact the restaurant about the course menu.)
  • 'Afternoon Tea Set' is exclusive to guests with signature membership, and a 10% discount is applied regardless of the number of people.
  • During dinner hours, entry may be restricted for guests wearing clothes that may make other guests feel uncomfortable.
  • Only adults (age 19 and older) are permitted entry. Minors accompanied by adults may not be allowed entry.


Reservation made on this page is not final. After you make a reservation on this page, our restaurant staff will call you to confirm your reservation. Please note, however, we may not be able to confirm your reservation or request a change of time depending on availability.

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  • After you make a reservation, our staff will call you to confirm your reservation request has been received.
  • Depending on availability, the date and time of your reservation may not be available and may have to be adjusted.
  • To cancel your reservation, please call the restaurant at least one day before.
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