paradise city


Welcome to PARADISE CITY where the East and West,
as well as the past and present, meet.
It has a wide range of facilities where you can find
relaxation, artistic energy, and dynamic entertainment.
Enjoy everything you could ever want as you explore this creative space.
Experience PARADISE CITY at the art-tainment resort.

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PARADISE CITY is the first resort complex in Northeast Asia.

PARADISE CITY is the first Korean-style resort complex in Northeast Asia combining multi-purpose hospitality and entertainment facilities such as a hotel, casino, convention, shopping, art gallery, spa, club, carnival and performance. PARADISE CITY offers the most exciting entertainment you have ever experienced. Through partnerships with the world's most prestigious hospitality companies, we provide facilities, content, and services of the highest standards.

PARADISE CITY is an exceptional premium art-tainment resort.

From high-class art to those created by the new artists we sponsor, our Art Gallery provides an unparalleled cultural experience. You can also enjoy our hotel, casino, and club through all four seasons. As each unique puzzle piece comes together and creates a harmony in a mosaic, the culture and art provided in each space of PARADISE CITY offers a truly unique experience.

Within 4 hours of major cities in Northeast Asia, the perfect place to start and end your journey.

Located near Incheon Airport in Korea, which is at the economic and cultural hub of Northeast Asia. It is located within 90 minutes of Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo and a 4-hour flight from Hong Kong and Taiwan. There is a population of 1.35 billion in the region. Located 40 minutes from Seoul (AREX between Seoul Station and Incheon Airport), or 5 minutes via Maglev Train from Incheon Airport or a 15-minute walk. PARADISE CITY has great accessibility for Koreans as well. As an independent travel destination, it enriches your experience when traveling abroad or returning from other countries.

A variety of facilities to satisfy customers' five senses, The landmark of Korea's tourist destination PARADISE CITY