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DININGHotel Paradise invites you to a world of gourmet
discoveries with its Michelin star restaurant and trendy bar.


European-style Café

Garden Café is a European-style café that makes you feel like you're actually sitting in a European garden.
Enjoy a wide range of light meals to our original French desserts and teas that suit your taste.


Operating hours
Number of seats
Total 38 seats
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Signature Menu (Premium Cake)

  • Black Forest

    It is a cake with layers of fresh cream and dark cherry on a soft chocolate sponge cake sheet. Enjoy the deep flavor of chocolate.

    Price 50,000KRW

  • Cream Cheesecake

    Cheesecake with the flavor of a deep creamy cheese. Indulge yourself with the harmonious blend of soft, crispy texture of chocolate crumbles with cream cheese.

    Price 50,000KRW

  • Carrot Cake

    Meet this sweet and healthy delight with the combination of carrot cake sheets, cream cheese, and cinnamon powder.

    Price 50,000KRW

  • Seasonal fruit cake

    This cake features seasonal fruit decorations bedecked on a soft cream cake. Feel the sweetness and freshness.

    Price 60,000KRW

Signature Menu (Gift Set)

  • Square Cookie Set

    A cookie set consisting of two kinds of homemade cookies of your choice by Hotel Paradise staff including almond tuile, shell, mascarpone cheese, earl gray, hazelnut sable and walnut candy cookies.

    Price 40,000KRW

  • Round Cookie Set

    A cookie set consisting of aromatic almond tuile, crispy French dry fruit, and walnut candy cookies.

    Price 45,000KRW

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