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LOUNGELuxurious Lounge to Make
Your Stay at Hotel Paradise More Memorable

club lounge (Business Center)

Club Lounge, Exceptional Class of Hotel Paradise

Hotel Paradise Club Lounge is a differentiated space that offers high-quality facility and dining.
We offer a luxurious buffet-style breakfast, romantic evening dining.
Stylish dining services are exclusive services that can only be experienced at Hotel Paradise.


Operating hours
14:00 ~ 21:00
07:00 ~ 21:00
07:00 ~ 10:30

(FRI, SAT, SUN Open only.)

Tea & Coffee
Happy Hour
Break time
Business Center
07:00 ~ 10:30(Last Entrance 10:00)
14:00 ~ 17:00
18:00 ~ 21:00(Last Entrance 20:30)
10:30 ~ 14:00 / 17:00 ~ 18:00
(All Day / 24 hours)
Hotel Paradise 3F
Information on Business Center service charges

* The schedule provided is subject to change or extend depending on the internal and external affairs.

Specific Services

  • Elegant Breakfast at the Club Lounge

    Enjoy our luxurious breakfast services exclusively for Club Lounge guests.

    * Operation Hours: 07:00 ~ 10:30(Last Entrance 10:00)

  • Tea Time with Coffee, Tea and the Sweetness of an Afternoon Delight

    Indulge in an afternoon tea time in the warmth of the sun.

    * Operation Hours: 14:00 ~ 17:00

  • Romantic Dining at the Club Lounge against the Sunset

    Enjoy romantic dining in sunset delight with our carefully selected food and drinks menu.

    * Operation Hours: 18:00 ~ 21:00(Last Entrance 20:30)


  • The Club Lounge is accessible for guests aged 7 or older only. Children are not permitted to enter the venue.
  • Access is only granted to guests who have purchased an item that includes the Club Lounge benefit, the number of guests eligible for the benefit may vary, based on the purchased item's included benefits and additional options.
  • To maintain hygiene standards, it is prohibited to bring in outside food and beverages.
  • Access to the lounge may be denied if guests are inappropriately dressed, such as wearing room slippers, pajamas, swimwear, or leggings.
  • Please contact the Concierge Desk if you wish to use the Business Center outside of staffed hours (09:00~21:00). (+82-32-729-2123)

TV Channels

Ch. Ch. Name Language Info
1 Hotel Guide 1 Information
2 Hotel Guide 2 Information
3 Hotel Guide 3 Information
5 SBS Korean Public broadcasting
7 KBS2 Korean Public broadcasting
9 KBS1 Korean Public broadcasting
11 MBC Korean Public broadcasting
13 EBS1 Korean Public broadcasting
14 YONHAP NEWS Korean Public broadcasting
15 Channel A Korean Public broadcasting
16 OBS Korean Public broadcasting
17 JTBC Korean Public broadcasting
18 MBN Korean Public broadcasting
19 TV Chosun Korean Public broadcasting
20 YTN Korean News/Economic
21 SBS Biz Korean News/Economic
26 KBSN SPORTS Korean Sport/Leisure
30 OCN Movies Korean Movie/Series
33 CJ온스타일 Korean Woman/Drama
34 tvN Sports Korean Sport/Leisure
36 EBS Kids Korean Kids/Education
43 arirang KOREA English/
Culture & Docu
45 CNBC English News/Economic
46 CNN English News/Economic
47 Discovery Channel Korean Culture & Docu
49 CGTN Chinese News/Economic
50 CCTV4 Chinese Culture & Docu
51 CGTN DOCUMENTARY Chinese Culture & Docu
52 CETV 1 Chinese Public broadcasting
54 후난위성 TV Chinese Public broadcasting
55 채널차이나 Chinese Public broadcasting
56 중화TV Chinese Public broadcasting
57 NHK World JAPAN Japanese Public broadcasting
58 NHK World Premium Japanese Culture & Docu
59 NHK BSP4K Japanese Public broadcasting
60 닛폰TV Japanese Public broadcasting
61 후지TV Japanese Public broadcasting
62 TV 아사히 Japanese Public broadcasting
64 Al Jazeera Arabic News/Economic
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  • Your inquiries are processed by [Inquiry submission to the relevant department -> Investigation of the cause -> Improvement measures and appropriate actions -> Result announcement].
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Consent to collection and use of personal information (Required)

Paradise City is committed to protecting your personal information. In order to provide services, we require your consent in accordance with Articles 15 and 22 of the Personal Information Protection Act.


[Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information]

1. Purpose of collection and use: user verification for membership service, customer notification and complaint handling

2. Information subject to collection

  - Required information: username, password, name, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address

  - Optional information: address, profession, wedding anniversary date, facilities of interest, areas of interest

3. The following rules apply to the personal information of inactive users and upon expiration of retention period counted from the last access, the personal information shall be stored/managed separately or destroyed:

  1) Valid for 1 year

  2) Applicable services: membership service (user verification, website login, view/credit/redemption/adjustment/conversion of reward points), card issuance, purchase of hotel products and services, updating information

  3) After expiration: to be managed or stored separately

    a. separate storage and management: As part of a measure equivalent to destruction, the personal information of inactive users shall be stored/managed separately from the database containing other users' personal information and unauthorized access is restricted.

    b. notification of pending expiration: members shall be notified of destruction or separate storage/management of personal information via email or text message at least 30 days prior to expiration, including the date and types of information.

    c. If inactive members use the service, it shall be considered a request to re-activate the account and their personal information shall be restored for normal storage/management.

4. Personal information shall be destroyed when the purpose of collection and use is achieved in accordance with Article 2 of the Privacy Policy or if requested by the member during the retention period or at the   point of destruction. However, personal information shall be retained under the applicable laws and regulations in the following events:

  - Period of retention/use: from the date of membership registration to the withdrawal of membership

  - Applicable laws: Commercial Act, Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transaction, etc.

  - Period of retention

    ㆍWithdrawal of subscription or contract: 5 years

    ㆍInformation about payment and product supply: 5 years

    ㆍHandling complaints or disputes with consumers: 3 years (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transaction, etc.)

    ㆍCollection and use of credit information: 3 years (Credit Information Use and Protection Act)
In the event of outstanding payment or overpayment, the information shall be retained until the case is resolved.

5. You may refuse to consent to the collection and use of personal information. However, in this case, you may not be able to register as a member.


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