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LOUNGELuxurious Lounge to Make
Your Stay at Hotel Paradise More Memorable

club lounge

Club Lounge, Exceptional Class of Hotel Paradise

Hotel Paradise Club Lounge is a differentiated space that offers high-quality facility and dining.
We offer a luxurious buffet-style breakfast, romantic evening dining.
Stylish dining services are exclusive services that can only be experienced at Hotel Paradise.


Operating hours
Tea & Coffee
Happy Hour
Break time

* All food, including alcoholic beverages, is limited to 21:00.
  (Last Entrance : 20:30)

Hotel Paradise 3F

Specific Services

  • Elegant Breakfast at the Club Lounge

    Enjoy our luxurious breakfast services exclusively for Club Lounge guests.

    * Operating Hours: 07:00 ~ 10:30

  • Tea Time with Coffee, Tea and the Sweetness of an Afternoon Delight

    Indulge in an afternoon tea time in the warmth of the sun.

    * Operating Hours: 11:00 ~ 17:00

    * From April 3rd (Friday), The service hours will be changed from 14:00 to 17:00.

  • Romantic Dining at the Club Lounge against the Sunset

    Enjoy romantic dining in sunset delight with our carefully selected food and drinks menu.

    * Operating Hours: 18:00 ~ 21:00


  • The club lounge is open to guests aged 14 or older.
  • Offered only for purchasers of products with Club Lounge benefits. Provided for 2 adults per room.
  • No. of person limitations may differ according to the product benefits and additional purchase options.
  • Please be reminded that hotel guest room slippers are not allowed in the club lounge.

TV Channels

Ch. Ch. Name Language Info
1 Hotel Guide 1 Information
2 Hotel Guide 2 Information
3 Hotel Guide 3 Information
5 SBS Korean Public broadcasting
7 KBS2 Korean Public broadcasting
9 KBS1 Korean Public broadcasting
11 MBC Korean Public broadcasting
13 EBS1 Korean Public broadcasting
14 YONHAP NEWS Korean Public broadcasting
15 Channel A Korean Public broadcasting
16 OBS Korean Public broadcasting
17 JTBC Korean Public broadcasting
18 MBN Korean Public broadcasting
19 TV Chosun Korean Public broadcasting
20 YTN Korean News/Economic
21 SBS CNBC Korean News/Economic
22 매일경제 TV Korean News/Economic
23 JTBC GOLF Korean Sport/Leisure
24 SBS GOLF Korean Sport/Leisure
25 SBS Sport Korean Sport/Leisure
26 KBS Sport Korean Sport/Leisure
27 MBC Sports+ Korean Sport/Leisure
28 Sky Sports Korean Sport/Leisure
29 SPOTV+ Korean Sport/Leisure
30 Channel CGV Korean Movie/Series
31 OCN Korean Movie/Series
32 TVN Korean Drama
33 On Style Korean Woman/Drama
34 O'live Korean Woman/Drama
35 Korean Music
36 EBS U Korean Kids/Education
37 KBS Kids Korean Kids/Education
38 Tooniverse Korean Kids/Education
39 Cartoon Network Korean Kids/Education
40 AniOne Korean Kids/Education
41 Disney Channel Korean Kids/Education
43 Arirang TV English/
Culture & Docu
45 CNBC English News/Economic
46 CNN English News/Economic
47 BBC World English News/Economic
48 Discovery English Culture & Docu
49 Bloomberg English News/Economic
50 Star Sports English Sprots/Leisure
51 CCTV News English News/Economic
52 CCTV4 Chinese Public broadcasting
53 CCTV9 Chinese Public broadcasting
54 Dragon TV Chinese Public broadcasting
56 湖南卫视 TV Chinese Public broadcasting
57 Channel China Chinese Public broadcasting
58 中華TV Chinese Public broadcasting
59 NHK World TV English Public broadcasting
60 NHK World Premium Japanese Culture & Docu
61 NHK BS1 Japanese News/Economic
62 NHK BS2 Japanese News/Economic
63 FUJI TV Japanese Public broadcasting
64 ASAHI TV Japanese Public broadcasting
65 ALJAZEERA English English News/Economic
66 ALJAZEERA Arabic News/Economic
68 1TV Russian News/Economic
69 DW German Public broadcasting
70 TV5 French News/Economic
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