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FACILITIESExplore the various fun rides and convenience facilities of Wonderbox.

Read more about Wonderbox facilities by downloading the PDF file.

  • Tea Cup Wild fun in spinning teacups #family #height limit 90cm
  • Bumper Car Thrilling car race in cool masquerade cars #family #height limit 110cm #under 120cm accompanied by guardian
  • Sky Trail Dynamic sky trail at 7m in height #thrill #first in Korea #height limit 125cm #weight limit under 136kg
  • Jumipin' Star Super-thrilling bungee drop amid shooting stars #thrill #height limit 80cm #under 90cm accompanied by guardian
  • Ferris Wheel Fantastic ride in a Ferris wheel for a stunning view of Wonderbox #family #height limit 95cm #under 130cm accompanied by guardian
  • Happy Swing Soar to the sky in a giant swing #family #height limit 80cm #under 90cm accompanied by guardian #height limit 185cm
  • Magic Bike Spin in a magic bike that flies across the shining night sky #thrill #height limit 90cm #under 120cm accompanied by guardian
  • Mega Mix Korea’s first rotation ride featuring 360 degree horizontal and vertical turns #thrill #first in Korea #height limit 140cm #unsuitable for height exceeding 195cm #weight limit under 110kg
  • Carousel A fantastic journey on a white horse through the night #family #height limit 80cm #under 110cm accompanied by guardian
  • Giant Slide Giant tree slides standing 12m and 7m high
    • Giant Slide SP
    • Giant Slide
    #Giant Slide_#height limit 130cm
  • Shooting Gallery Hit the target with a shooting gun and win a prize! #suitable for all ages
  • Bazooka Blast Press the button to shoot a rocket and hit the target #suitable for all ages
  • Roll A Ball Roll the ball and win by getting to the finish line first #suitable for all ages
  • Kat Rack Win points by throwing balls and knocking down targets #suitable for all ages
  • Balloon Bust Throw balls and burst colorful balloons #suitable for all ages
  • Goblet Toss Shoot balls aiming for holes with higher points #suitable for all ages
  • Basketball Aim for the basketball hoop and score! #suitable for all ages
  • Top Spin Win gifts by shooting the doll as high as you can with your water gun! #suitable for all ages
  • Tub Toss Toss the ball and get it into the tub! #suitable for all ages
  • Chocolate Street Chocolate street filled with chocolates and amusements #Janice Wong
  • Candy Trolley Candy street filled with colorful sweet candy #colorful #sweet candy #Chupa Chups
  • Wonder Food Truck / Desert Truck Food truck filled with Wonderbox’s signature food #Bistopping #DIY ice cream
  • Gift Trolley Full of special Wonderbox souvenirs
  • Infirmary Open at all times to anyone who feels ill or needs rest
  • Nursing Room Space to change diapers, feed babies and attend to babies’ needs
  • Lockers Lockers to store your belongings before enjoying Wonderbox
  • Stroller Storage Space for safely storing strollers