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USAGE GUIDEHere are your instructions on how to use Wonderbox facilities.


Category Price Note
One Day Pass Adult KRW 28,000 13 years of age or older
Junior KRW 23,000 37 months ~ 12 years of age
Baby free admission 0 months ~ 36 months
Carnival Game Pass 1 Game KRW 4,000 Carnival game passes may be purchased by using automatic ticket dispensers inside Wonderbox upon entry.
3 Games KRW 8,000
6 Games KRW 15,000
9 Games KRW 23,000
  • The all-day pass is valid for a single day of use upon ticket purchase.
  • For children 12 or under, proof of age (e.g. copy of resident registration, passport, etc.) may be required for verification.
  • The all-day pass is available for purchase on the website, at the ticket office, or at the automated ticket machines inside the Plaza.
  • Carnival games can be played with a ticket purchased at the automated ticket machine in Wonderbox.
  • Resort Money can be used to purchase an all-day pass at the ticket office in the Plaza. (Resort Money cannot be used at the automated ticket machines for carnival games, F&B services, or the lockers.)

Special Group Benefits

  • Infants and toddlers under 37months are not charged for admission.
    • Please bring proof of age (e.g. copy of resident registration, health insurance card, passport, etc.) for verification purposes.
  • The all-day pass can be used for admission and rides only. Carnival games incur an additional charge.

Operating Hours

Category Operating Hours
Always available 11:00 ~ 19:00
  • ※ Please note that on-site ticket purchase is available until 6:00 PM.

Suspension of Service

The following attractions of Wonderbox are expected to be closed temporarily.

No attractions expected to be closed

  • Facilities may be closed or inspected without prior notice depending on operating conditions.


  • Persons wearing admission bands are allowed re-entry only on the day on which the admission band was purchased.
  • Once purchased, admission bands cannot be refunded, cancelled or transferred, and are non-reissuable under all circumstances including loss and damage.
  • In case of exceeding the optimal occupancy, admission may be restricted for certain hours or ticket issuance may be suspended for the guests’ safety.
  • In weekends or holidays, Wonderbox may be crowded due to the visit of many customers, and waiting time may occur for admission and rides.
  • Guests wearing dress shoes or loose-fitting shoes such as Crocs may not be allowed in Sky Trail.
  • It is recommended to keep strollers at designated areas to avoid the inconvenience of other guests.
  • To ensure a safe and pleasant experience for our guests, the following items are strictly prohibited inside Wonderbox.
    • Outside food/liquor (excluding baby food or hypoallergenic food)
    • Gas burners/mats/pets (excluding seeing eye dogs)
    • Bicycles/inline skates/kickboards and other small vehicles, wireless control vehicles
  • All guests are asked to refrain from engaging in acts that may disturb other guests.
    • Violating rules when forming lines
    • Loudness, aggressiveness, using attractions after drinking
    • Smoking in areas other than designated areas outside Wonderbox
  • If your child has gone missing, do not panic and visit the information desk located at the center of the first floor. Provide descriptions of your child and we will do our best to locate your child as quickly as we can.
  • We ask that all guests show respect for our employees who endeavor to provide you with the best service.
    • Please refrain from speaking impolitely, using abusive language or engaging in physical contact to/with our employees.
    • For any suggestions, please call our main customer service number at +82-32-729-7500.
  • Periodically, there may be filming or reporting taking place on the premises.
    • We ask for your understanding that some attractions may be closed temporarily during filming.

Terms and Conditions

■ Article 1 Application of Terms and Conditions

  • All matters related to entering Wonderbox (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and the using the facilities will be pursuant to these terms and conditions, and any matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions will be pursuant to relevant laws and/or customs. “Wonderbox” is the name of a theme park operated by Paradise Segasammy.

■ Article 2 Operating Days and Hours

  • 1. The operating hours will be separately posted and may be changed.
  • 2. The facility may be closed for a fixed duration for special circumstances (natural disaster, force majeure events, unexpected weather conditions, business reasons of the operator, business policy, etc.).

■ Article 3 Fees

  • 1. Individual Fees
    • A. Adult: 14 years (middle school students) or older
    • B. Child: 37 months or older ~ Below 13 years old (elementary school students)
    • C. Toddler: Under 36 months old (requires documentary proof)
  • 2. Group Fees
    • A. Applies to a group of 20 people or more (Provided, restricted to cases of entering under a group name for a specific purpose)
    • B. A separate fee may apply to the extent of not violating the intent of these terms and conditions, relevant laws and/or customs.
  • 3. A special rate for people with disabilities may change depending on the business conditions, etc. of the Company, and the details will be posted at the ticket office, etc. When the special rates apply, evidence (registration for the disabled, etc.) must be provided for verification.
  • 4. Types of Tickets
    • A. All access ticket: a ticket that can be used to enter Wonderbox and use all amusement facilities in operation for the date indicated on the ticket (facilities that cannot be used will be separately indicated and notified)
    • B. Special ticket: a ticket that can be used for special services provided through a partnership with the Company and other domestic and/or overseas companies
    • C. Others: applicability of each ticket may be modified, and a ticket system to fit the characteristic of the user may be implemented
    • D. Ticket prices and facility fees will be separately posted and may change depending on the management conditions and business policies of the Company, etc.

■ Article 4 Refund of Fees

  • 1. As a rule, fees will not be refunded after entering the premise.
  • 2. Provided, the operator may take measures, such as refund, etc. by considering multiple circumstances upon occurrence of a reason deemed for the customer to unable to use the facility of the Company due to the circumstances of the customer within 1 hour after the entry, and in such a case, the visitor must provide an evidence (ticket, receipt, etc.) to prove the entrance. Detailed requirements and conditions related to the refund shall be pursuant to a separate regulation of the Company.
  • 3. Request for a refund due to weather changes and other personal reasons will not be honored.

■ Article 5 Restriction on Entrance

  • 1. The Company may restrict the entry of customers or suspend the ticket sales for a fixed duration when the Company determines that maintaining safety is difficult due to exceeding the occupancy of the facility.
  • 2. During entry, customers with advanced ticket may be allowed to enter before general customers.

■ Article 6 Matters Related to the Use

  • 1. The visitors will comply with the following terms of use to promote safety of the visitors and to maintain public order.
    • A. Bringing in food and bringing in and/or using portable stove, etc. that can cause discomfort to others and disturb the business of the operator are prohibited to maintain a pleasant and clean environment and to prevent fire.
    • B. Pets will not be allowed, except for guide dogs for the blind.
    • C. Persons wearing clothes that cause discomfort to others, being loud or acting violently, etc. which may cause harm to others will be restricted from entering and may be asked to leave.
    • D. Following are prohibited.
      • ① Bringing in dangerous articles
      • ② Sales and display of products
      • ③ Distribution of flyers
      • ④ Assembly and speech
      • ⑤ Filming for commercial purposes
      • ⑥ Taking out of various facilities and rental facilities
      • ⑦ All actions of obstructing the operation of the park and related facilities
    • E. All indoor areas of the park are smoke-free.
    • F. You cannot leave personal items and/or goods unattended to secure a place to watch various performances and shows. Any unattended articles may be removed.
    • G. Terms of use for individual facilities will be separately posted.

■ Article 7 Restriction on the Use of the Facilities (Boarding and Viewing)

  • 1. The use of a facility may be restricted by considering the physical conditions, such as age, height, etc. for the safety of the customer during the use of the facility.
  • 2. The use of a facility may be restricted during the safety inspection of the facility within business hours.
  • 3. Customers with illnesses, etc. must verify the usability of a facility with the employees by explaining the symptoms prior to the use.
  • 4. Terms of use and precautions for individual facilities will be separately posted.

■ Article 8 Re-Entry

  • Re-entry is allowed with a verification procedure after leaving.

■ Article 9 Measures for a Missing Child

  • 1. During Operating Hours
    • A. The Company operates a center for lost children within the facility and will take all measures necessary to hand over the missing children to the guardians.
    • B. The Company records and maintains missing child ledger for a mutual verification during the handing over of a missing child.
  • 2. After Operating Hours
    • A. A lost child not reconnected with the guardian will be handed over to a police station, along with the concerned record of the lost child.

■ Article 10 Processing of Lost Items

  • 1. The Company operates a lost and found and takes all measures necessary to hand over the items to the owners.
  • 2. Matters on the receipt and hand over of lost items are recorded and maintained in the lost and found ledger.
  • 3. The Company will retain the valuables for 180 days and the regular/other items for 60 days from the items found according to the Lost Articles Act, however when the owner fails to claim the items, they are reported and handed over to a police station.
  • 4. Perishable food products may be disposed of at the discretion of the Company.
  • 5. All other matters related to the processing of lost items will be pursuant to the Lost Articles Act and customs.

■ Article 11 Compensation for Damages, Etc.

  • 1. The Company will be liable for damages pursuant to the Civil Act or other laws when customers incur damage due to careless maintenance of the facility from intentional and/or negligent actions of the Company.
  • 2. When the Company and/or a third party incurs damages due to reasons attributable to a customer, it will be processed pursuant to the Civil Act or other relevant laws.

Credit Card Affiliation Discount

Eligible Credit Cards Discount Period Note
Shinhan Card One Day Pass 20% ~ December 31, 2024 -Discounts for up to 4 persons, including the customer, for using the card with a specific grade or higher
-The types of cards that apply discounts vary between card companies, so please check this with your card company.
-Discounts for Hana Card are only applied for the customers with VIP coupons.
Samsung Card
Hana Card
Hyundai Card

The discount cannot be combined with any other discount offers. The discount is subject to change for certain events or circumstances.

Airline partnership discount

Subjects Discount rate Applicable period Note
Korean Air Korean Air SKYPASS membership card holders
Affiliated membership card holders
15% reduced rate for a free pass ~ Dec. 31, 2024 -Present your SKYPASS membership card or boarding pass
-Discount applicable to a max. of 4 persons including the member/boarding pass holder
-Limited to once per day
Those who have the original copy of the boarding pass with
flight No. of Korean Air departing from overseas locations to Korea
(Within 7 days of the boarding date)
Singapore Airlines Kris+ Members 15% reduced rate for a free pass ~ Feb. 29, 2024 -Present the Kris+ App displaying discount benefits
-Discount applicable to a max. of 4 persons including the Kris+ App subscriber
-Limited to once per day

A double discount is not provided. The applicable period for the discount is subject to change depending on the circumstances of the partnered company.

Special promotion event

Subjects Discount rate How to get a discount Applicable period Note
20% discount
One Day Pass
Present the public official ID card Monday - Friday
(Excluding weekend and holidays)
Applies to 4 guests including the member
Soldiers Present proof of furlough or stay
out issued by the troop,
or office ID card
Present the student ID card
(limited to Korean universities)
Blood donor
Present blood donor card that was issued within 3 months from the facility use date
Residents in
Present ID card with one’s address, driver’s license, a copy of resident registration,
or other documentation

A double discount is not provided. The promotion schedule is subject to change depending on internal affairs. Excluding 12/24,12/31

Other business partner discounts

Subjects Discount rate Period Note
GENESIS Membership members 20% discount for free pass ~ December 31, 2024 - GENESIS Membership Card must be presented (physical card or app version card)
- Discount available for up to two persons including the member

Combining with other vouchers is not allowed. The discount rate or event period may vary, depending on circumstances.


Category Discount Period Note
PARADISE REWARDS RED 15% Year round Applies to 2 guests including the member
GOLD 50% Applies to 4 guests including the member
PARADISE SIGNATURE GENESIS 30% ~ December 31, 2024 Applies to 2 guests including the member

Membership discount is available for One Day Pass only. When you join the Paradise Rewards Membership on the website, your membership level will be automatically set to RED. The discount cannot be combined with any other discount offers. The discount is subject to change for certain events or circumstances.

Group Visits

  • Group Admission
    • Group admission to Wonderbox requires reservations made in advance.
  • Group Reservation Inquiries: +82-32-729-7500 (Monday to Friday 10:00~20:00)

Affiliation Inquiries

  • Advertisement/Affiliation Inquiries: +82-32-729-7500 (Monday to Friday 10:00~20:00) /
  • Major Affiliations
    • Rental and Promotion: Rental for customer events of affiliated companies, promotions
    • Advertisement: Digital advertising, online/mobile advertising
    • Other affiliations