paradise city


ACTIVITIESCome and experience Paradise City's tour course packed with various tourist attractions and entertainment in mesmerizing Incheon.

Baby Buggy Course

Crown Fountain (1F) – Music Fountain (1F) – Chess Garden (1F) – Lobby Golden Legend (1F) – Wow Zone (1F) – Convention Art Tour (1F) – Garden Café (1F) - #PART KIDS(1F)

  • 1Golden Crown

    The Golden Crown located in front of the lobby of Paradise Hotel was created by artist Choi Jeong-hwa to express heartfelt welcome and gratitude for visitors. The hotel's main entrance in front of the fountain was the backdrop of PSY's appearance in the memorably funny scene of the "Switch to Me" music video from Rain and JYP.

    See more info about Choi Jeong-hwa's "Golden Crown"
    Watch the "Switch to Me" music video from Rain and JYP (Link)
  • 2Music Fountain

    The large-sized music fountain located at the main entrance of the hotel presents a fountain show that welcomes visitors who've come long distances to be here.
    Create fond memories at Music Fountain, which shows constantly changing views, including a fountain with a glimpse of a rainbow under the afternoon sun, a dancing fountain with the burning sunset in the background, and a fountain show under glamorous night lights in the dark.

    Music fountain hours (11:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00)
    Spot a rainbow that appears through the fountain
  • 3Chess Garden

    You might want to play chess with this large-scale chessboard, but sorry – the pieces won't move. Did you know that the sculpture at Chess Garden was created by artist Seong-yoon Jung Take a relaxing walk under the warm sun with a stroller at Chess Garden. Even strolls here are also nice since the lights create a great view.

    On the left side of the hotel's main entrance
    Take a family photo at the Chess Garden photo spot
  • 4Golden Legend

    "Golden Legend," a Pegasus statue, is the first sight that welcomes Paradise City visitors. It was created by Damien Hirst, who is known as the bad boy of the contemporary fine art scene. With one side showing a golden hue and the other side emphasizing muscles and bone structure, it shows a clear contrast between gold and red. Here, the artist's message is that living beings should be perceived from a realistic perspective instead of being idealized as an object to which others find a sense of mystery and hope.
    The statue is a popular target for visitor photos, so here's a photo tip: try angling the photo upward so that it looks like Pegasus is flying toward the curved ceiling.

    See more info about Damien Hirst's "Golden Legend"
    Take a photo of flying Pegasus
  • 5Wow Zone

    As the ceiling is decorated with a huge and striking pumpkin piece from Yayoi Kusama as well as Mioon's "Your Crystal" made of thousands of shiny crystal pieces, visitors often themselves mesmerized by the view of the hotel's' main hall "Wow Zone."

    See more info about Mioon's "Your Crystal"
    Think outside of the pumpkin cliche to find the best photo spot
  • 6Convention Art Tour

    There are a number of hidden artworks at the convention space you can approach by walking toward the Red Wing from the hotel lobby. You can see the signature pieces by exploring the convention in a clockwise path. Take it slow with a stroller and leisurely enjoy the sights in the art gallery.
    Meditating girl "Anna B. in Blue" → Familiar celebrities "Western Celebrity" → 4.5-meter tall chair piece "Paradise Proust" from design maestro Mendini → "Usquam Nusquam" with a deep and thick texture created with a squeegee → "Purple to Pink," which gives an interesting view when seen while walking

    See more info about ART COLLECTION
    Spot a piece that changes colors
  • 7Garden Café

    Garden Café attracts your eyes with pretty desserts as you pass by Wow Zone. After checking out the art tour, why don't you sit, relax, and enjoy a sweet cake and a cup of coffee here?

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    Enjoy a relaxing moment at Bamboo Garden with a view of the sky

    #PART KIDS is Plaza's lifestyle select shop for kids. It's difficult not to drop by this shop filled with items handpicked by Paradise City! The gorgeous clothes here would make lovely gifts for your child.

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    Go in with empty hands and leave with heavy bags