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USAGE GUIDEExplore Chroma's facilities and ways to enjoy it.

Inquiries +82-32-729-7600~7602

Chroma is a club facility for adults only. Guests are required to present valid identification upon admission and those who fail to do so may not be permitted to enter.

Opening Hours

CHROMA opens when shows are scheduled, Opening hours are as follows:

1F (Music Lounge)
Opens when shows are scheduled
2F (1st Stage&2nd stage)
Opens when shows are scheduled
3F (Sky Box)
Opens when shows are scheduled
4F (Beach Club)
Opens when shows are scheduled


  • Opening hours may be subject to change.
  • Chroma show schedules are available on social media (@PCITYCHROMA). For more information: (032-729-7600 ~ 7602)


Enjoy Chroma in a more relaxed and elegant setting

  • TABLE A comfortable space with a variety of menus

    Location2F 1st Stage & 2nd Stage

    Rate900,000  KRW ~

  • SKY BOX A space with premium karaoke systems

    Location3F VIP ZONE

    Rate2,000,000  KRW ~

  • CABANA A space with individual Jacuzzis

    Location4F BEACH CLUB

    Rate1,200,000  KRW ~

  • PARTY ROOM A space for a party of my own

    Location2F 1st Stage & 2nd Stage

    Rate2,500,000  KRW ~

Convenience Facilities

Chroma offers various facilities for the convenience of its guests.

  • Information Desk1F Main Entrance

  • ATM1F E/V for Spa Entrance
    2F Side of Central Stairway

  • Lockers1F Main Entrance
    4F Side of Central Stairway
    2F Entrance to Women's Restroom at the 1st Stage

  • Powder Room2F Interior of Women's Restroom at the 1st Stage

  • Changing Room & Shower Room4F Interior of Men's/Women's Restrooms


To make your experience more fun and pleasant, please observe the following etiquette.

  • Dress Code Casual attire is allowed but shorts and sandals may not be permitted.

  • OthersThose who may cause a disturbance by being in an overly intoxicated state or causing a fight with other guests may not be permitted to enter.


  • Reservation and Rental Inquiries
  • Table Reservation: +82-32-729-7600~7602
  • Rental: 032-729-7603~7604

Nightlife Destination Chroma is the best party place in Asia where you can enjoy clubbing and music played by world-class DJs.

Floor Information

A total of four music stages invite you to the world of Chroma.

Beach Club

Korea's first beach club for pool parties year-round


An exclusive space for VIPs providing special services in a private and luxurious setting

1st Stage & 2nd Stage

A space consisting of two stages The 1st stage (main stage) is an EDM-based dance floor and the 2nd stage (sub stage) showcases performances of various genres including house, techno and hip hop.

Music Lounge

Music Lounge offering a variety of food and music


Exterior Design

The unique façade inspired by a melting golden sun was designed by the noted architectural group MVRDV.

Interior Design

The interior built on a "transformative" concept was designed by award-winning designer Josh Held.

AV system

Chroma showcases a Flex-Design stage that can be transformed into various combinations thanks to the outstanding technology and design of our globally-renowned partners.