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  • Hotel guests can purchase WONDERBOX one-day pass with 30% discounted price during their stay.

    - Maximum number of people for receiving discount: Up to 2 people

    * Discount policy for hotel guests will be implemented from July 26, 2019.
    * Please present your room key at the ticket office for receiving discounts.

  • · Wonderbox Opening hours are as follows.
      - Weekdays(Mon~Fri) - 10:00~21:00 *Entry must be before 20:00
       ※ Nighttime from 21:00 to 22:10 is a special event time available with prior reservation.
     - Weekends(Sat,Sun), Holidays - 10:00~22:00 *Entry must be before 21:00

  • The day of actual use may not be changed after payment. Please cancel the prior reservation and make another reservation.

  • Wonderbox admission bands allows entrance into Wonderbox and attractions excluding the Carnival games.
    The Carnival games can be used by purchasing a separate ticket on site.

  • Wonderbox is basically open every day during the year.
    However specific facilities may not be available due to maintenance. Please refer to the button below for details.
    [See business status]

  • If your child has gone missing, do not panic and visit the information desk located at the center of the first floor. Provide descriptions of your child and we will do our best to locate your child as quickly as we can.

  • · Please refrain from dangerous behavior when using the attractions.
    - Please comply with the attraction rider requirements.
    - Food and beverage are not allowed on the attractions.
    - Please refrain from using cameras, selfie sticks or smartphones when riding the attraction.

  • To ensure a safe and pleasant experience for our guests, the following items are strictly prohibited inside Wonderbox.
    - Outside food/liquor (excluding baby food or hypoallergenic food)
    - Gas burners/mats/pets (excluding seeing eye dogs)
    - Bicycles/inline skates/kickboards and other small vehicles, wireless control vehicles

  • Please refer to the following for the proper etiquette and safety when using Wonderbox facilities.

     - All guests are asked to refrain from engaging in acts that may disturb other guests.
      ㆍ Violating rules when forming lines
       ㆍ Loudness, aggressiveness, using attractions after drinking
       ㆍ Smoking in areas other than designated areas outside Wonderbox
     - We ask that all guests show respect for our employees who endeavor to provide you with the best service.
       ㆍ Please refrain from speaking impolitely, using abusive language or engaging in physical contact to/with our employees.

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[Consent to the collection and use of personal information]

1. Purpose of collection and use: verification for processing inquiries/requests 

2. Information subject to collection: name, mobile phone number, email address (required) 

3. Personal information is destroyed after the expiration of the following period which starts from the last date of use:

  1) Expires after 2 years

4. You are required to agree to the collection and use of personal information in order to submit your questions and receive answers.

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