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ROOMSExperience a new level of relaxation
in the artistically inspired rooms of Hotel Paradise.


Grand Deluxe Pool Villa, a Luxurious Space with the Unique Artistic Sensibility of Hotel Paradise

The Grand Deluxe Pool Villa is the finest room at Hotel Paradise, a signature space that expresses the hotel's artistic sensibility.
It features luxurious facilities, including an exclusive pool, steam sauna facilities, an exercise room, a dining room and more.
Pool villa customer service is provided only for Pool Villa guests at Hotel Paradise.
Come and experience the unprecedented level of service.


Room Service
  • Private Pool
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 86-inch FULL HD TV (living room)
  • 43-inch FULL HD TV (bed room)
  • 63-channel Satellite TV
  • Wine Cellar
  • Personal Safe
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine
  • Coffee 6 Capsules
  • Green /Black Tea (Tea Bags)
  • Mineral Water(2 Bottles)
  • Coffee Pot
  • One complimentary minibar per night
  • 5 bath amenities
  • bath towels
  • bathrobes
  • shower caps
  • hair combs
  • cotton swabs
  • emery boards
  • hair dryer
Check in
03:00 PM
Check out
11:00 AM
TV Channels


  • Check-in / out times may vary during peak season.
  • Use of children's kickboards and electric kickboards inside hotel facilities is strictly prohibited.

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TV Channels

Ch. Ch. Name Language Info
1 Hotel Guide 1 Information
2 Hotel Guide 2 Information
5 SBS Korean Public broadcasting
7 KBS2 Korean Public broadcasting
9 KBS1 Korean Public broadcasting
11 MBC Korean Public broadcasting
13 EBS1 Korean Public broadcasting
15 Channel A Korean Public broadcasting
16 OBS Korean Public broadcasting
17 JTBC Korean Public broadcasting
18 MBN Korean Public broadcasting
19 TV Chosun Korean Public broadcasting
20 YTN Korean News/Economic
21 SBS CNBC Korean News/Economic
22 매일경제 TV Korean News/Economic
23 JTBC GOLF Korean Sport/Leisure
24 SBS GOLF Korean Sport/Leisure
25 SBS Sport Korean Sport/Leisure
26 KBS Sport Korean Sport/Leisure
27 MBC Sport+ Korean Sport/Leisure
28 스카이 Sport Korean Sport/Leisure
29 SPOTV+ Korean Sport/Leisure
30 채널 CGV Korean Movie/Series
31 OCN Korean Movie/Series
32 TVN Korean Drama
33 On Style Korean Woman/Drama
34 O'live Korean Woman/Drama
35 Korean Music
36 EBS U Korean Kids/Education
37 KBS Kids Korean Kids/Education
38 Tooniverse Korean Kids/Education
39 Catoon Network Korean Kids/Education
40 AniOne Korean Kids/Education
41 Disney Channel Korean Kids/Education
43 아리랑 TV(Arirang TV) English/
Culture & Docu
45 CNBC English News/Economic
46 CNN English News/Economic
47 BBC World English News/Economic
48 Discovey English Culture & Docu
49 Blomberg English News/Economic
50 Star Sprots English Sprots/Leisure
51 CCTV News English News/Economic
52 CCTV4 Chinese Public broadcasting
53 CCTV9 Chinese Public broadcasting
54 Phoenix Chinese Chinese Public broadcasting
55 Channel V Chinese Chinese Public broadcasting
56 후난위성TV(湖南卫视) Chinese Public broadcasting
57 Channel Chinese Chinese Public broadcasting
58 중화 TV(中国电视) Chinese Public broadcasting
59 NHK World TV English Public broadcasting
60 NHK World Premium Japanese Culture & Docu
61 NHK BS1 Japanese News/Economic
62 NHK BS2 Japanese News/Economic
63 FUJI TV Japanese Public broadcasting
64 ASAHI TV Japanese Public broadcasting
65 AUAZEERA English English News/Economic
66 AUAZEERA Arobic News/Economic
67 DUBAI Sports Arobic Sports/Leisure
68 Russia Today Russian News/Economic
69 DW Gernman Public broadcasting
70 French24 French News/Economic
71 International Arrival Infomation
72 International Departure Infomation
73 International Arrival(Cargo) Infomation
74 International Departure(Cargo) Infomation
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Paradise City (“Paradise City”) deeply values Your personal information (“Personal Information”), and for the provision of service, wishes to obtain Your consent under Articles 15 and 22 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

[Consent to collection and use of Personal Information]

  • 1. Purpose of collection and use: Identity verification for membership service, sending of customer notices, handling of complaints, etc.
  • 2. Items collected
    • Mandatory items: ID, password, name, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address
    • Optional items: Address, occupation, wedding anniversary, facility of interest, area of interest
  • 3. Validity period on the use of dormant members’ Personal Information is as follows. After expiry of the validity period, which takes effect at the time of final use, a member’s Personal Information shall be separately retained and managed or destroyed
    • 1) Length of validity period: 1 year
    • 2) Meaning of “use of service”: Use of membership service (member authentication, website login, point checking/inquiry, point saving (accumulation), point usage, point adjustment, point conversion, etc.), issuance of cards, purchase of goods and services from the Paradise City Hotel (“Paradise City Hotel”), change of information, etc.
    • 3) After expiry of validity period: Personal Information shall be separately retained (stored) and managed
      A. Separate retention (storage) and management: As a measure or action comparable to the destruction of Personal Information, long-term non-users’ Personal Information shall be retained and managed separately from general members’ Personal Information DB, and general employees’ access thereto shall be restricted.
      B. Notice of expiry of validity period: Relevant members shall be notified, at least 30 days before expiry of the validity period, of the destruction or separate storage of Personal Information and the dates thereof, and of the Personal Information items, by e-mail, SMS, etc.
      C. A member’s use of membership service after the expiry of the validity period shall be deemed as a request for reuse, and the status of separate storage/management shall be restored to that of normal use.
  • 4. Period of retention, and time of destroying, personal information: A member’s Personal Information, upon expiry of the Personal Information-retention (storing) period under Article 2 (Purpose of collecting and using Personal Information) of the Privacy Policy (Personal Information Policy) or upon the customer’s request, shall be destroyed in principle. However, in the following cases, retention (storage) of Personal Information shall be conducted as follows.
    • Retained Personal Information: History of commercial transactions (commercial transactions made)
    • Basis of retaining Personal Information: Commercial Act, Act on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce
    • Period of retaining Personal Information
      Materials related to lawsuits or legal disputes): 10 years
      Records on contract or offer withdrawal, etc.: 5 years
      Records on handling of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce)
      Records on collection/processing and use of credit information, etc.: 3 years (Act on Use and Protection of Credit Information)
      In cases of overpayment/underpayment and of disputes, Personal Information shall be retained until the resolution thereof.
  • 5. It is hereby notified that You may refuse to give consent to the collection and use of this Personal Information but that if You refuse it, there may be restrictions in You becoming a member.
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