paradise city


ACTIVITIESCome and experience Paradise City's tour course packed with various tourist attractions and entertainment in mesmerizing Incheon.

Secret Hidden Course

North Art Garden (1F) – Plaza Railway Tour (3F) – Goethe (3F) – Sky Park (3F) – Sky Bridge (3F) – Crystal Staircase

  • 1Art Garden (North)

    Aesthetic garden filled with flowers in spring and fallen leaves in autumn. Take a stroll to the secret garden where the installation piece "Ray" by Indian artist Subodh Gupta shines.

    Next to the west entrance of Plaza
    Strike a unique pose to create a memorable photo in front of "Ray"
  • 2Railway Trip

    Have you ever imagined a place like this could possibly have a railway? Walk slowly on the railway while feeling the gentle breeze. Just thinking of going on a train trip will lift your mood.

    On the right to the children's playground on the third floor of Plaza
    Create a retro mood photo on the railway with the sunset in the background
  • 3Goethe

    Goethe, a statue with a big telescope, shares the message that, "The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious." Ponder on your future filled with unlimited potential at the Goethe statue.

    See more details about "Goethe" by Lee Yong-baek
    Take a photo in a telescope-holding pose inspired by Goethe
  • 4Sky Park

    Sky Park is a small park hidden in the outdoor space. Connected to the Sky Bridge from the third floor of Paradise Hotel, it is a cozy walk that's refreshing to take on your own. You can briefly unwind at Sky Park to the relaxing sound of the stream-like fountain.

    The outdoor space of the third floor of Plaza
    Enjoy some sunshine on a bench in Sky Park
  • 5Sky Bridge (Available for accommodation guests only)

    Sky Bridge connects Plaza and Paradise Hotel to the outside. The glamorous view under the night lights will compel you to bring out your camera. It is also recommended to cross over the bridge after dinner and view the media facade placed at Art Garden in the outdoor space of the third floor. From here, you can get a different view of the media facade than on the ground floor.

    Go to the restaurant entrance on the ground floor through the Sky Bridge elevator (Accommodation guests can use the entrance connected to the hotel on the third floor)
    Spot a design from design maestro Alessandro Mendini (Tip: patchwork pattern)
  • 6Crystal Staircase

    The spiral staircase that connects the Wow Zone of Paradise Hotel to the third floor contains Mioon's kinetic piece "Your Crystal," which amplifies the space's glamour and dynamic charm. Take a remarkable photo at the crystal staircase at the end of the course.

    See more details on Mioon's "Your Crystal"
    Take a sparkling photo of yourself with the shiny crystal artwork in the background