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Paradise City Partial Reopening of facilities

As informed from the quarantine authority that the employee is confirmed case of Covid-19, Paradise City closed the entire facility and carried out high-intensity precision quarantine in close consultation with authority. In addition, in order to prevent the spread of additional infections, all employees including outsourcing employees took Covid-19 test, and only employees who received negative results were allowed to return to work.

[Normal Operation]
- Hotel & Facilities: Hotel Paradise, Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool, Sauna, Fitness, Safari Park, Kids Zone, Art Space, The Spa at Paradise
- F&B: La Scala, Garden Café, Lounge Paradise, Imperial Treasure, Plaza F&B
- Foreigner Only Casino

As a preemptive measure to prevent the spread of infection and safety of guests and employees, the following facilities will be temporarily closed.

[Temporary Closure]
- Hotel & Facilities: Art Paradiso, PlayStation Zone
- F&B : On The Plate, Raku, Rubik, Serase (On The Plate serves a la carte Breakfast only)
- Entertainments: Cimer, Wonderbox, Chroma

The actual operation hours may vary or change depending on the situation, so please check it before your visit to avoid any inconvenience. (Paradise City Representative No. 1833-8855)

We will continue to put safety first, and do our best to ensure that our guests can enjoy Paradise City with confidence by strictly following quarantine guidelines and preventive measures.