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Explore the colorful flavors of fine dining and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones at Paradise City

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  • An integrated free membership offering special privileges and point benefits.

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  • Invitation-only Chroma membership offering an exclusive benefit and service package.

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  • A casino membership offering an exclusive benefit package for members of K-Style premium foreigners-only casino.

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Notification of the prevention measures against COVID-19

We sincerely appreciate your trust and support for Paradise City where we consider the safety of our guests the first priority.

Based on the routine safety measures provided by the government, Paradise City has been implementing the following preemptive hygiene management and safety measures in the entire facilities.

- Installation of thermal imaging cameras to all of the moving lines of our guests and employees
- Mandatory wearing of a mask when entering the hotel and public facilities, and restriction of entry if the guests do not wear one
- Restricted facility use for all guests coming from overseas (including 14 days self-quarantine subjects)
- Regular disinfection and preventive measures in all facilities
- Extra hygiene treatment for all rooms done by the exclusive hygiene housekeeper

Paradise City will do our best efforts for your safe stay through strict hygiene management and prevention measures.

Thank you.