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that make your stay more pleasant and memorable.

Indoor Pool

Become One with Nature at the Relaxing Indoor Pool

This indoor pool, which is 23 m long and 7.5 m wide, allows you to swim while enjoying the view of Yeongjong Island through panorama windows.
You can enjoy a refreshing and peaceful time here year-around as it is accessible only to hotel guests.


Operating hours
07:00 ~ 21:00 (Maintenance Time 14:00 ~ 15:00)

Guests may be restricted from entering the pool during maintenance hours.(14:00 ~ 15:00)

Adult 80,000KRW
Child 60,000KRW

*The fees cover access to both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

*Rates may differ according to season and product.

*It's a guest-only facility and can be used within the stay period.

Contact Number

Pool Side Bar

Romantic Poolside bar for family holiday

Operating hours
12 :00 ~ 19:00
(Food order 12:00 ~ 18:30)

*Operating hours may vary by season.

*Menus may vary by season.

Cabana Fees

Reservation Inquiries 032-729-2170

Category Operating hours Price
Indoor Cabana 3Time 150,000 KRW

Upgrade your experience as you unwind in your own private space.

*Indoor cabana is available year round.

*Indoor cabana can be purchased on-site only and cannot be reserved.


  • This is a private facility exclusively for guests (for 2 people per room)
  • The maximum number of people permitted per room may vary for each room package.
  • Available once a night.
  • We do not provide swimsuit rental services.
  • Children under 130cm of height must wear a life jacket and be accompanied by a guardian.
  • The number of guests per room who can use the pool may vary depending on product type.
  • In order to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, we prohibit the use of pool toys, food and beverages, smoking, and the use of oil.
  • Any sharp or breakable items including metal, plastic, or glass products are prohibited.
  • Please refrain from wearing earrings, hairpins, rings, and other accessories that may cause an injury on others.
  • Guests may bring puddle jumpers and neck floats for infants.
  • Closure dates may vary according to internal conditions.
  • For a pleasant and safe environment, the indoor pool may undergo maintenance.
  • For safety, guests may be restricted from using the indoor pool facilities after drinking.
  • Guests are strictly prohibited from using their mobile phones or other devices to take photos or videos in the locker room.
  • Guests may be restricted from taking photos or videos for commercial purposes.
  • Infants under 36 months of age must wear swim (waterproof) diapers before being brought into the pool.
  • We ask guests with tattoos on their bodies to cover up their tattoos before using the pool (e.g., by wearing a rash guard).

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