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The Best Entertainment Spot of Hotel Paradise

Safari Park is a piquant entertainment spot just like Theme Park where a guest is able to feel enjoyment every minute.
The bowling zone '10 Pins', experiencing the latest game in 'Play Station', luxury Crystal Pocketball, Dart Zone and enjoying beverage in 10 Pins Bar will entice a guest to spend precious time in Safari Park.

Due to the internal circumstances of the SAFARI PARK, the use of adult’s bowling lane in 10PINS will not be available during Sep 16 ~ Sep 18. We ask for your kind understanding on facility use.

※ All other facilities except the adult’s bowling lane in 10PINS are available.


Operating hours
09:00~22:00 (Maintenance Hours 14:00 ~ 15:00)

PlayStation Zone will be closed due to maintenance procedure from 14:00 ~ 15:00.

Play Station
Free for a resident in a hotel

For Adult - KRW 10,000 for one set per game
For Kid - KRW 5,000 for one set per game
Pocketball - KRW 5,000 for one set per game (Duration: 30 minutes)
Contact Number

Service Information


Visit the PlayStation Zone for a fun and dynamic time with your family and friends.


PlayStation Zone

  • Guests staying at Hotel Paradise may use this guest-exclusive facility any time during their stay.
  • Guests may use this facility once (1 hour) per night of stay. (Based on the number of guest per room)
  • No food allowed in the PlayStation Experience Zone.
  • Guests have to be at least 12 years of age to play VR as it may cause feelings of nausea or dizziness.
  • Extra care is required for children, the elderly and pregnant ladies.
  • Guests may be charged a fee in the event of any damage caused by his/her negligence such as applying excessive pressure during game-playing.
  • Select games may be age-restricted.
  • We may restrict the use of the facility to avoid overcrowding.

10 PIN

With seven bowling lanes, a sports bar, darts and pocketball games, 10 Pins takes bowling to a new level.


  • Guests staying at Hotel Paradise may use this guest-exclusive facility any time during their stay.
  • We may restrict the number of game sessions per guest to avoid overcrowding.
  • Guests may be charged a fee in the event of any damage caused by his/her negligence.
  • Please store all your valuables at the Desk to prevent loss.


Have a quick break at a sports bar with fun and exciting games.

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