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The Spa at Paradise

Esthetic Spa & Anti-aging Clinic

Experience true paradise with exclusive luxury programs and top-notch products offered exclusively by The Spa at Paradise. Clinic Paradise for over 15 years with patients, is a famous antiaging clinic which has the specialty in Antiaging, Cosmetic procedures, and treatment for hair loss. Clinic Paradise provides up to date cosmetic procedures and customized Antiaging programs same as clinic in Seoul.


Operating hours
The Spa at Paradise
: Mon~Fri 11:00~20:00
: Sat~Sun 10:00~22:00
(Closed on the third Wednesday of every month)
Clinic Paradise : Contact us in advance
(Operating hours may differ according to season)
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    • CHERRY BLOSSOM BLOOMING ∙ 60minutes / 198,000won
      It helps quickly moisturize and soothe the skin stressed by UV rays and external environment and also helps adjust oil-water balance.
    • SEA & “ C “ BRIGHTENING ∙ 80minutes / 286,000won
      It helps provide the skin that lacks vitality with concentrated vitamin C and freeze-dried marine plants and supports a quick recovery of the skin to make it transparently clean and clear.
    • BLACK CAVIAR NOURISHING ∙ 80minutes / 286,000won
      The top-ranked 1st class black caviar extract excellent in anti-aging provides healthy skin, and its enriched nutrient offers the radiating luminosity fron deep inside the skin.

    • RELAXING SWEDISH ∙ 80minutes / 286,000won
      Gentle, elaborate techniques help relax tensed, exhausted body and mind.
    • VITALIZING KOREAN ∙ 80minutes / 286,000won
      This traditional Korean style care program helps recover fatigue and fully vitalizes the skin with elaborate and powerful touch.
    • PRONE POSITION ∙ 50minutes / 187,000won
      It helps relieve stress through intensive care on the back and the back of the leg which are easily fatigued.

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The Spa at Paradise

In the space of supreme bliss, your healthy body and peaceful happiness is realized.

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