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Indoor sauna for your well-being and relaxation

This indoor sauna was designed as a peaceful space with guests in mind.
Here, you can melt away the stress of your day in our variety of facilities including the Jacuzzi and dry and wet saunas while receiving premium service from our staff.


Operating hours
06:00 ~ 22:00
Adult 50,000 KRW
Contact Number

Every second Wednesday of the month is a regular holiday.


  • This is a private facility exclusively for guests (for 2 people per room)
  • Please store your valuable belongings at the desk to prevent loss.
  • The Sauna is open to guests aged 17 and older.
  • Last entry is 30 minutes before closing time.
  • For safety, guests may be restricted from entering the sauna after drinking.
  • Guests are strictly prohibited from using their mobile phones or other devices to take photos or videos in the sauna.

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